TOPTUL GT34001 W/8Drawer Tool Trolley 340Piece Tool Set


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Product Information

TOPTUL GT34001 340 Piece Tool Set W/8 Drawer Tool Trolley Consists of: Drawer 1: Double Open End Wrench and Hex Key Wrench Set 2 X 15 Degree Offset SuperTorque Combi Wrench Set Reversible Ratchet Combi Wrench Set 2 X 75 Degree Offset Double Ring Wrench Set Drawer 2: Adjustable Wrench and Pliers Set Pliers Assortment Set Double End SwivelSocket Wrench Set Chisels and Hammers Set Retaining Ring Pliers Set Flare Nut Wrench Set Drawer 3: 1/4 In Dr. Socket and Ball Point Hex Key Wrench Set 3/8 In Dr. Socket Set 1/2 In Dr. Flank Socket Set Torque Wrench Adaptor and Ratchet Handle Set Drawer 4: Pipe Wrench and Ball Peen Hammer Set 1/2 In Dr. Bit Socket Set GoThru Slotted and Phillips Screwdriver Set File Set Hand Riveter Set Star Screwdriver Set Drawer 5: Star and Tamperproof Socket Wrench Set LType Two Way Ball point and Hex Key Wrench Set Hacksaw Adjustable Wrench and Pin Punch Set Measuring Marking and Cutting Tool Set

Product Code: GT34001


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