Socket Sets & Screwdriver Sets

screwdrivers & socket setsWhen looking to buy tools for a business, it is important to get the very best value for money – especially when buying socket sets and screwdriver sets. This means the business buyers need to not only keep an eye out for reasonable prices but also obtain the best quality and most suitable tools available.

Panther Tools works directly with businesses to ensure that it can offer the most appropriate tools for professionals. As well as offering major items such as workshop equipment and hand tools, Panther Tools realises that professionals still need to do efficient work on a regular basis and therefore provides a wide range of hand tools and accessories suitable for automotive repair jobs.

In order to make sure the right tool is available when it is needed, it is worth considering buying a range of socket or screwdriver sets. The interchangeable parts mean that these types of set can cover a wide range of jobs for a lower outlay, as well as ensuring a perfect match each time.

Socket sets from Panther Tools come in hex, Imperial and metric measurements, so matching the head to the job is easy. A range of ratcheted and variable length heads means that it is also simple to match the tool to the style of work or spacing needed.

Similarly, Panther Tools’ screwdriver sets range through flathead, slotted, Phillips, and Pozi and allow a choice of grip, torque and length. Each set provides a range of options for a single outlay and allows the professional to choose the tools that best suit his or her style and needs, whether through multi-handle sets or simply with a range of blades.

Sometimes a larger tool is needed for work by hand, especially for garage work. In this case, the range of specialist bodywork tools may come in handy. Specific tool sets and repair kits for fixing dents and paintwork are available, as well as specialised unlocking tools.

Using the right tools helps to produce professional quality work every time – and choosing a business-oriented company to supply them is a very wise move.

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